Traditional Shotokan Karate

Traditional Karate Elite Team consists of 15 to 20 competitors who train specifically for competition and demonstrations. This class is designed to make the competitors stronger in competition through repetition, speed drills, power drills, stamina drills, and precise detail to fine motor movements, transitions, and application ideas.

Membership for the Elite Team is by invitation only by the team captain or the main instructor. Participants must be up to date on their regular karate lessons, do well in school as well as in their karate class, and must be energetic and disciplined. Team members are required to make all team trainings, ( unless sick, vacation etc…) as well as their regular scheduled classes.

Although membership may change throughout the years, the team has won many national and world titles. The team may compete up to 5 times a year, traveling across the country to compete with the best of schools. The team has traveled as far as Crawley, England in 2008, coming home with 8 world titles. The team also competes closer to home in Owensboro, Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Las Vegas, etc. But no matter where the team travels, or who they compete with, the members are always placing in top 3 of their divisions if not taking first every time.