Traditional Shotokan Karate


About Us


At Traditional Karate, we strive to help make our students stronger both physically and mentally.

Yes, we teach and practice the kicks, blocks, and punches that karate is known for; but we also cultivate the non-physical qualities of good martial artists – such as sincerity, politeness, loyalty, honor, and courage.

Through learning the khions (basic techniques), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring), students learn  discipline as well as self-discipline, self-control, and respect for one’s self and others.

Contact Us

Phone: (270) 684-9500


Dojo:  2753 Veach Rd, Owensboro, KY 42303

Social Events

Along with hard work, we also like to have fun with our karate family!

We have a Christmas party every year and go on summer outings. There are also week-long summer day-camps in June and July where the kids do craft projects, play games, and work up demos for the parents at the end of the week.

Students can participate in an intra-school Spirit Tournament that we hold each year to determine who has the most spirit!

On January 1st of each year, students can participate in our Gasshuku, during which we perform the number of moves equal to the new year (e.g. 2,014 moves for 2014).

Students and their families all benefit from the friendships formed as we train together and play together!